sreda, 15. april 2009

Bohinj Lake

This is (a part of) Bohinj Lake, one of the pearls of Slovenia, located in north-west part of the country.
Bohinj is the best known glacial valley of the Julian Alps,in an amphitheatre overshadowed by the sombre face of the Komarca, is situated the most famous Slovene waterfall Savica. A thousand meters higher, and behind, there is the vast Komna plateau. The Komarca, along with the most beautiful high altitude valley of the Julian Alps, the Seven Triglav Lakes Valley. The first attraction of Bohinj is its lake, beautifully situated between the wooded slopes of Mernik, Prsivec and Vogar

How did Bohinj get its name? A legend.
Once upon a time when God was dividing the world among people, and having divided almost all of it, he noticed a group of people standing by the side and not struggling to get to the front. He took pity of them, seeing how patient and modest they were. Therefore he gave them the most beautiful part of his own world. This is now called Bohinj – after God, who is called “boh” by the Bohinj people.

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